Ayurvedic Health Inc provides an advanced therapeutic approach to massage, by evaluating the client’s neuromusculoskeletal influences and osteopathic lesions which leads to mechanical interruptions in the body.

Manual Osteopathic Therapy integrates a combination of wholistic hands-on techniques to help improve the health of the client’s systems within the body. Including skin, spine, muscles, fascia, dura mater, and lymphatic tissues. Deepening the client’s inspiration and expiration to strengthen digestion, urinary, reproductive, cardiovascular systems enhancing the client’s hormones and bio-energy function.

Ayurvedic Health Consultation works to identify the client’s digestive quality and doshic state related to the individual’s mind and body constitution — determined by pulse reading and visual assessments. Ayurvedic recommendations may include therapies such as panchkarma, massage, yoga therapy, rejuvenative and detoxification programs for self care. Including Nutritional Medicine from beneficial vitamins and minerals that are found in botanical sources — from the root to leaf — and in other foods. Ayurveda promotes wholesome eating, healthy living, and overall well-being.

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