Advanced Clinic Massage

Begin your journey back to health with a 90 mins

Advanced Clinic Massage Therapy Initial Assessment.

virtual appointments are available.

Direct Billing is accredited with most insurance health plans under Massage Therapy.

The First 30 mins is a comprehensive orthopaedic postural analysis including, range of motion assessments and specific special tests to confirm an effective and beneficial massage treatment plan. Followed by 60 mins Advanced Clinic Massage treatment based on your initial assessment.

At no extra cost various advanced clinic massage therapy techniques may be applied in your treatment plan based on your initial assessment.


Swedish rejuvenates the mind — body connection through gentle massage. Relaxing muscles to improve the lymphatic flow, and reduce edema in the body.

Deep Tissue relieves daily muscle pain a—soreness. Helps to treat musculoskeletal injuries.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage reduces edema while encouraging the lymph flow — lymphatic fluid to pump through the superficial lymphatic capillaries. The nourishing feather like touch improves the overall circulatory flow in the body. 

Manual Myofascial is the art — science of identifying adhesions along the skin. Pressure is used to release adhesions along the fascia tissue which surfaces the muscles tissue.  Limited mobility in the body can be a cause of tight fascia.

Myofascial Silicone Cupping increases nutrient-rich blood and lymph flow to skin and muscles. Assists in decreasing localized inflammation, edema, and releases tight fascia tissue. 

Prenatal Massage enhances pregnancy with a nurturing touch. Prenatal massage is a non-invasive approach to help the mother-to-be find tension relief in pregnancy, Prenatal massage helps to reduce swelling — body tension, and reduces stress.

Postnatal Massage helps the mother rejuvenate her body — mind after the marathon after childbirth. Swedish Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Sarvanga Abhyanga are optimal therapies to support this sensitive time. 

Infant Massage helps to enhance the connection between the parent/parents and their little one. You will learn simple massage techniques to help relieve infant discomfort. Such as gas — constipation — colic — teething, and congestion.

Massage For Children helps to reduce general body tension such as growing pains. 30 mins is recommended.  Bonus: Parents and their child will learn simple self-care massage techniques.  Moreover: massage between parents and their child enhances all the characteristics of bonding and love. “ a child’s immune system is strengthened through massage, and the touch of their parent/parents. Taking time to massage your child — you are teaching positive nurturing values.

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