Jessica Malacarne


Over 15 Years Serving Health—Wellness

DNM Natural Medicine Practitioner (Doctorate of Natural Medicine)

RMT Registered Masasge Therapist

MOT Manual Osteopathic Therapist

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jessica was very professional. I asked for deep tissue massage. She did from feet to head. Very detail. I felt all the acupressure points are massaged especially the spinal. It was very relaxing. Very beautiful and clean studio.

Yuna C.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Recently, I took my ten year old daughter to see Jessica for an Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation and it was such a lovely experience. Her space is very clean, peaceful and welcoming and she has such a warm presence. Jessica is passionate, compassionate and sincere. Both my daughter and I felt comfortable, relaxed and genuinely supported. Jessica was thorough in her assessment of my daughter and she spent time talking with my daughter and sharing information about Ayurveda in a way that my daughter could relate to it. Jessica provided extensive information about healthy eating that supports one’s individual constitution and how my daughter and I can work together to make simple and practical changes to my daughter’s diet to promote better digestion and overall health. I really liked how Jessica offered advice to my daughter about the importance of being aware of what her body needs and how she can support her body in simple and practical ways. Since our visit, I have made changes to my daughter’s diet, as recommended by Jessica, and I have noticed many benefits. My daughter is not hungry all the time because she is now eating warm meals throughout the day that are simple, yet very clean, nutritious and satisfying. She is also able to digest her food with ease and her mood throughout the day is more balanced. I also notice that my grocery bills have been less expensive since I have made changes to my daughter’s diet, and therefore my family’s diet, which is a nice bonus. Our visit was a wonderful learning experience and I feel very fortunate to have found Jessica

Bobbi Ramer

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